05 July 2014 @ 02:27 am

New OCs! Izanami (Yuugi) Yoshioka and Kai Yoshioka.
Izanami is a stay at home wife. She paints jewelry boxes and sells it as a hobby. Kai is a detective/cop and is barely home.

On another note, my doctor said to rest my hand until it's better. What do I do? I start drawing this and then start colouring it. And now, my hand is even more painful than it was before. //sob
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28 June 2014 @ 03:19 am

Mama Caelum, Girly Samuel, and Cat Twin Sister. This is the reason why my drawing hand gets tired easily, I draw 131234545 things all at same time. oTL
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27 June 2014 @ 03:23 am

Finally managed to finish the poster for this game. I will have to say that my hand is still in pain from both drawing this (and a bunch of stuff because I get sidetracked easily) and typing for work. I'm rather proud of this though because I stuck with it and finished it. HAH!

I'm aiming on releasing the demo this coming December 2014. I'm waiting for Anne to finalize the GUI and then I'll focus on finishing the demo and coding. Coding in Ren'py isn't exactly a walk in the park, however...

The official site for Siren's Plea is here: [ link ]
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23 June 2014 @ 04:20 am

After hours (and a few days) of redrawing each one of them...I-I FINALLY FINISHED THE LINEART //SOB
And now I have carpal tunnel. Goodbye.

These are the main characters for my upcoming game, [ Siren's Plea ].
Lila Caelum is the female protagonist. The male characters (starting from left to right) are Adonis Sauveterre, Leon de Solvite, Samuel Basilicus, and the secret character who shall remain unnamed for the moment.

I'm not looking forward to colouring this, to be honest. Also typing with only my left hand is not fun.
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17 June 2014 @ 03:35 am

I lied; I'm still around. Here's Aiba from "In Your Arms Tonight".
Also, I should draw some Swan Princess fanart.
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15 June 2014 @ 01:24 am

Will disappear for a while again. I need to focus on finishing my commissions and work is stressful at the same time. I need to start saving money for my visit to Macau next year. Just found out that my best friend is about to have a baby so I will need to see her asap.

Here's a doodle of Jade for the moment.
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20 May 2014 @ 03:35 am

Just working on some concept art...
I am stalling myself from working on Siren's Plea.
//cries in a corner

Also, [ Autumn's Journey ] was released a few days ago.
It's a really cute visual novel made by Apple Cider.

The art is really nice and the story is simple but enjoyable. The main protagonist, Auralee, is a girl that aspires to be a knight. Along the way, she meets Kerr, who is later revealed to be an earth dragon. She later meets another (water) dragon named Ilmari. The three go on a journey and become good friends later on as they spend more time with each other.

The game is really cute. Honestly, I was smiling the whole time I was playing it. Sadly, there isn't angst though I wasn't expecting any from it because it's supposed to be a lighthearted game. Kerr is my favourite character from the game due to my fondness of the character troupe tsundere. He reminded me Yuu Kanda (a fluffy version though).

Just look at him! He's so adorable!

The music is beautiful as well. I'm especially fond with the songs chosen for the game (namely [ Set Sail for the Sky ] and [ Thank You ]). I have no complaints with the game except for maybe how short it was! Also I wished the romance routes had more content but it's not an otome game so, really, I can't complain.

Well, that's it, folks! I promise to work on Siren's Plea soon. lol

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14 May 2014 @ 05:08 am

Lately, my characters have been black-haired...I wonder why that is???
Also I will have to fix her leg. Ugh.
Um. I know people are wondering what the hell happened with Siren's Plea and I assure you, I am still working on it. The story-writing is put on hold due to the GUI. Anne and I are working on it and I'd rather focus on one thing at the moment so I can actually finish things.

I'm also trying to familiarize myself with coding for the program for Ren'py soooo I tried to come up with a short visual novel called "Fortune Cookie". I know, I know. I should be working on Siren's Plea but I need a break from working on it too much. And from all the angst I've been writing for the game, I definitely need a breather.

You took the words right out of my mouth, sistah!

I'll post the demo for Siren's Plea soon. Hopefully by December 2014.
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11 May 2014 @ 03:36 am
I finally started watching the anime for Cøde:Breaker. I got inspired to draw Yukiko in the anime style. I honestly don't know if I did her any justice. Haha.

Also! I was finally able to go to Butter Avenue! I went with my friend who's in town from Vancouver.

I admit that the shop is not as nice as Desylees' interior. The shop is surprisingly bare, with just a few tables for customers and the counter for the pastries. There weren't designs on the wall either. The sweets, however, are good (thankfully). My friend bought me 20 macarons that cost $45. I got the flavours white chocolate strawberry, orange blossom (seasonal flavour), earl grey, cream cheese passion fruit, matcha, and another seasonal flavour called Ma Cherie. According to their facebook page, it's for Mother's Day.

10342913_10152402939199666_3712814378503429329_n 10259848_10152402939114666_3834629527226332153_n

The macarons were so good and I inhaled them in a few minutes. It was even more awesome since I didn't have to pay for it lol.

I also tried their St. Honoré Vanille tart. I think it cost about 7 bucks. Really tasty. Honestly, at this point, I'm surprised I didn't get cavities (hopefully not any time soon).

For those who are foodies (or generally has an unhealthy obsession with sweets) like myself and would like to treat yourselves with desserts once in a while, I would recommend this place. The interior of the shop isn't that attractive but the pastries they serve make up for it. You guys can visit their website [ here ].

See you on the next entry~!
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06 May 2014 @ 05:53 am

I haven't drawn in a while and these two have been giving me feels lately so...here you go.
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